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As well needed regulations increase vessel and personal safety at sea: professional crew responsibilities are dramatically changing to include more time demanding administrative duties.  Such demands require that more innovative industry support service are developed, thus allowing todays professional crew to remain focused to onboard operations, maintenance, and most important guest services.


Vigilant to this need, IYS  services are customizable for each client.  Whether for stand alone support, or alignment services in conduction with other industry services; either way IYS services provide your professional crew and vessel with a needed and beneficial support tool.


Just as information is vital onboard, timely and accurate information is just as vital within our industry.  Shipyards, Suppliers, Designers, Management Firms, all service providers rely on information for their own success.  Our services are designed to not only benefit the direct client, but in a small way enhance the overall efficiency and benefit of the yachting industry.


"Information Yields Success".




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