international yachting solutions, inc.


With 15+ years of professional onboard and industry knowledge and experience, Jon Feldman is the driving force behind IYS.  Jon a consummate yachting enthusiast is focused and dedicated to insuring that quality, efficiency, and technology provides betterment for all those who engage a career or lifestyle at sea.


Today's complex projects and vessels require the absolute best from all servicing participants. Understanding this fact, as well as appreciating that at times even the industry best need knowable assistance, is why IYS was created.


At IYS we believe "information Yields Success" thus the key to achieving success is insuring the right information is researched, stored, and always available in a simply, organized easy to use manner.  With IYS software and shore supportive services your vessel, crew,and management structure will benefit from increased efficiency.  We respect and tailor our services for each client, while remaining uncompromising in our focus.



Our industry was founded by those with a dream and desire for the ultimate of experience and lifestyle at Sea, it is up to us to insure this dream and desire remains inspired, achieved, and surpassed.



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